Mary Ann Baker

Mary Ann helps brands identify and articulate their true purpose and then leads the bigwidesky team in expressing the unique characteristics that make each brand human.

Mike Behr

25+ years of diverse business experience that include four start ups, a Fortune 500 Company.

Eliot Frick

Frustrated by a calcified communications theory, he has led BIGWIDESKY in modeling a new communications culture in which people simply talk with people.

Matthew Jensen

Matt summons playful, high-concept experiences for Fortune 500 companies, prominent non-profits, and scrappy startups.

Jeremy Nulik

Jeremy was born cold, wet and naked. A great deal has happened since then.

Steph Sabo

Steph is a design-oriented thinker who combines beautiful and functional ideas into unified solutions.

Chris Worley

Real-world experience of Chris’s breadth and depth is invaluable: if Chris doesn’t have the tool to do something he just builds it.